Undergraduate Education:
AFNR 2215, Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Sustainable Agriculture – Spring. This experiential course provides an overview of the theoretical and practical principles of sustainable agriculture. We analyze approaches to agriculture based on sustainability principles and their impact on the environment, economy, and communities.

AFNR 3215, Community Food Systems – Fall. In this course, we explore essential concepts in the research, implementation and understanding of community food systems with topics ranging from micro-level local, community and regional food systems to macro-level global trends in food production and distribution.

AFNR 3315, The Science and Practice of Sustainable Agriculture – Fall.  This course provides an emphasis on understanding sustainable production systems as ways to steward natural resources (soil, water, biodiversity and energy) while maintaining an economically profitable enterprise that provides for a good quality of life.  This course utilizes real life problems from sustainable farmers in case studies that students work through individually and in groups.

On occasion, I also teach other courses such as “Permaculture” and “Race, Class and Gender in the Food System.”